What to Pack for Camping?

What to Pack for Camping?

Signed up for Adventure Geek camping for the first time and clueless about what to carry? There’s always a first time for everyone where one experiments being close to nature to find some solace from the everyday chaos. We get caught up in our routine and then take 2 days off when we think that our work is taking a toll on us! Camping is a unique experience and we often tend to overthink about the bare necessities. So it is important for us to be prepared beforehand and enjoy the outdoors fully prepared.

We have jotted down the 5 must-haves that one needs for a super camping trip.

Pack to unpack for your First Trekking!

A stay amidst nature requires less in clothing and shoes as the only thing that should concern you is getting fully covered. Likewise if you forget to pack something you might have to find alternatives.
To start with

1.Right clothes
If you’ll be backpacking during your trip, every ounce counts. When it comes to clothes, choose lightweight fabrics that are moisture-wicking so you can reuse the same top and bottoms a few times. Other pieces you’ll want to bring:
Choosing light-weight fabrics is the key towards attaining packing goals. One needs to think about reusing the clothes if necessary. Other things that are important and obviously needed are hat, jacket that is easy to carry and comfortable, socks, hiking boots, long pants to cover your legs and also full-sleeved shirts to stay warmer in the nights. You might go out for a swim so you need your swim suit packed for sure.

2.Food essentials
If you are going camping amidst lush green landscapes, then chances are that you will have to prepare your own food. So this time it is important for you to carry right ingredients, masalas, utensils. Basically you need to recreate a portable kitchen. Camping appropriate stove, Utensils to cook and serve food, light weight watter bottles, knives, cutting board etc. Chances are you’ll have to prepare your own meals (there aren’t too many sit-down restaurants in the woods), so save some real estate in your bag for a portable kitchen.

3. Personal Items
Get your basic necessities sorted like toilet paper, sunscreen, lip balm, itch relief, hand sanitizer, first aid kit, medicines, mosquito repellent, pain killers etc. Don’t let mosquitoes take away your excitement so do throw in a repellent as well. Finally, get your personal items properly packed to avoid last minute hassles.

4. Navigation Tools
If you’ll be traveling to multiple spots or plan to hike during the day, it’s important to have tools that’ll help guide you and ensure a safe trip.

Here’s what to pack:
You need certain roadmap tools so for that one cannot just totally rely on mobile phones. Who knows the range quality that your phone might get. So, a portable GPS, compass and map could come in handy. Likewise, ensure that your devices are charged properly. You need to carry extra batteries, travel lanterns so that you have amazing experience.

5. Camp Essentials.
The most important thing that one should never let go of their mind is a tent. Mallets to secure the stakes in ground, sleeping bags, light air mattress, travel pillows, folding chairs and table.
Here’s what you’ll need to sleep as safely and comfortably as possible

6. Entertainment
By entertainment we didn’t mean to carry your laptop and binge watch your favourite series. Here you get yo spend quality time with friends and family without any distractions. You can get hold on binoculars, camera, playing cards, fishing gear etc
This is quite a comprehensive list you might not need it at all as it actually depends on what type of trip you prefer going to.
Wandering in the woods alongside a lake is an opportunity to open up to new things and setting new boundaries. One can avail so much freedom, peace and serenity in such set ups that they eventually tend to make people fall in love with themselves more.

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