Starting off with one tour in Mumbai have now grown to conduct daily sailing and party on yacht to conduct in Mumbai.You can experience the sailing with us, sailing through Mumbai gateway of India. Marvelling at the magnificence of Taj Mahal Hotel and seeing sunset while you on Yacht. On other hand far away from the maddening crowd, you can discover Mumbai Sea and enjoy party,or sit back and relax in equal measure.



Where those Sea Sailing in Mumbai Conducted?
Sailing is conducted at Gateway of India.

How many people can accommodate in one Sail boat?
Sailboat can accommodate 4 pax while sailing in Mumbai

Timing for sailing in Mumbai?
Sailing start from Morning last batch for every two hour

Is it safe to do sailing in Yacht?
Yes Safety is our first concern, Sailing is done under professional sailor

Can Children come for sailing in Mumbai?
Yes, Children can come with parent supervision

Can we park our car near Gateway of India?
Yes, While time of booking ask us for wallet number for parking