Sahyadri Treks

Sahyadri Trek is organized around Maharashtra.
Sahyadri Treks starts from Mumbai and Pune.
Trekking in Sahyadri like Kalsubai trek, Korigad fort Trek, Rajmachi fort Trek, Tikona Fort, Kalavantin Durg, Avchitgad Fort, and many more historical places we do Explore and enjoy our weekend event.
You can also join us with your friends and family and can be a part of Adventure Geek Fam.
We also do trek and camping together at Harishchandraghad, Prabhalmachi, Garbett Point.
We are just a call away to organized Special private and Corporate Events.

We do Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra. Sahyadri Treks are famous in Mumbai Moonsoon treks and we are one of the leading Trekking groups in Maharashtra.
There are many Forts in Mumbai and many other treks in Lonavala
The best Season is Monsoon but Night treks near Mumbai in December is famous 
As we are based in Mumbai we are one of the best trek groups in Mumbai. There are Many trekking clubs in Mumbai Adventure Geek
Bring you gangs, friends, close one and Family to Enjoy all above places on weekend from Mumbai.

FAQ for Sahyadri Treks 

Do you organize trek only in Maharashtra?
Yes, We organize treks in Sahyadri as well as the Himalayas

Do you organize trek only for youngsters and Individuals?
No, we organize trek for each age group for kids as well as 60-year-old. we have fixed Departure from Mumbai and Delhi respectively.

Does the campsite have Washroom Facilities?
Yes, We have Western Toilet in all our Campsites.
Camping sites like Pawna Lake camping, Revdanda Beach Camping, Bhandardara Lake camping, Ighatpuri Secret Camping, Kurungwadi Camping.

Do you Organise trek for Private group and Corporate?
We are very much interested in taking Private Group and Corporate Group on Events.

Do you organize Trek in Lonavala?
Yes, There are many treks in Lonavala like, Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort, Korigad Fort, Ghangad Fort,Songiri Fort, Manranjan Balekilla, Rajmachi Fort