Adventure Geek Invites you to AADGAD & Gondeshwer Temple

About Aad Fort - Aad killa can be reached from Sinner via Thangaon. The area is very scenic and many windmills are installed on the surrounding mountain range. There is 2 route to climb the fort. One can reach on top of the fort in 30-40 minutes. The fort has almost 20 water cisterns and ample water is available but water in most of the cisterns is not potable. The cave of Aadubai can be used for a night's stay. Forts like Dubergad, Songad, Parvatgad, Aundha, Patta, Kalsubai etc. can be seen from top.

This ancient hill fort is used mainly as a watchtower for the adjoining areas between Sinnar and Igatpuri. Old age water tanks atop tell the age of this fort about 2200 years. The strange Sharabh sculpture inside the water tank in the west side group is a must-see on this fort. Also, see the cave below the east side cliff edge and find there a small water tank. Currently, Suzlon's windmills are surrounded this hill fort.

About Shri Gondeshwar Temple - The temple is Hemadpanthi style of architecture. The most striking feature of the construction was the use of locally available black stone and lime, glorifying the local craftsmanship. The degree of skill that went into making the carved panels and the entire design of the temple is awesome.

Lying around the crumbling remains of the temple walls and the entrance gate, this stone wonder is still the largest, most complete, and the best-preserved example of the medieval temples of the Deccan of the Indo-Aryan style. It is a Shaiva Panchayatan or a group of five temples within a large enclosure. The central shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the remaining four around it are temples to Sri Parvati, Sri Ganapati, Surya Bhagwan, and Lord Vishnu. The temple is truly unique in design, perfect in proportion and the stone carvings are exquisitely beautiful.

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20 Hours Available on request Sinnar, Maharashtra
Batches Available
Limited Batch Available
  • Aad Killa
  • Gondeshwar Temple
  • Sharabh sculpure inside water tank
  • Cave of Aadubai
  • Suzlon's windmills

The CST - Kasara Fast Local will be our primary choice (Time table given below)
People are welcome to board the same local at whatever station they like and meet us there. (Enter the second bog from the side facing CST)

CST 10:50 pm
Byculla 10:57 pm
Dadar 11:05 pm
Kurla 11:13 pm
Ghatkopar 11:18 pm
Mulund 11:30 pm
Thane 11:34 pm Dombivli 11:57 pm
Kalyan 12:07 am
Titwala 12:21 am
Asangaon 12:41 am
Kasara 1:18 am
A missed train equals a missed opportunity.

Members are asked to purchase their own round-trip tickets to Kasara.
Take the second-to-last compartment, the second from the CST side, on the side facing Kasara. We can meet on the train itself since everyone will board the same local.

By local transportation, we'll arrive at the base village by 5 a.m.
By 6:00 am, begin the hike.
Get there by 8:00 a.m.
Have breakfast (to be carried by members)
By 10:00 am, begin exploring the fort and start descending.
Arrive at Base Village by noon
Visit the ancient and well-known Gondeshwer Temple while en route to lunch.
Arrive in Kasara by 4:00 PM.
We plan to arrive back in Mumbai between 6 and 7 o'clock in the evening.


What is included in the tour

  • Transportation by PVT Jeeps Kasara to Kasara,
  • Expertise
  • Lunch

What is NOT included in the tour

Anything thats not mentioned in inclusion.

Things to carry

• TORCH V IMP ( please don't forget )
• Identity proof
• Breakfast for Sunday
• Some ready-to-eat food. Plum cakes, Biscuits, etc.
• A bottle of water (at least 2 Ltrs) Compulsory
• with extra batteries Cap, etc.
• Medicine those if you require usually
• Good trekking shoes, extra pair of floaters.
• A haversack to put in all the things to be carried….so that one has one's hands-free while trekking.
• Pleases do not carry Jholas.
• Please avoid wearing Jewellery
• Double pack your valuables in plastic bags.


• No Smoking, tobacco, and alcohol.
• Be a group – it's not a race.
• NO littering please…we are educated.
• The leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members.
• No Arguments will be entertained.
• Please understand this ain’t a picnic, all Trekking and Adventure activities demand fitness. We request you to get a medical fitness check done before you participate in any such events. If suffering from any allergy carry proper medications and inform your trek leaders about it. Also make sure you have a sufficient supply of medication for your trip, building in an allowance for any travel delay. Those with Active Chest and Heart diseases that limit physical activity should not go to high altitudes.

Pickup point
Sinnar, Maharashtra, India View on Map