Advneture Geek invite you for Ganpati Gadad trek
Ganpati Gadad is hill fort in Raigad district, Ganpati Gadad is one of the easiest treks around Mumbai. It is the place known for hanging caves just two hours away from Mumbai. Ganpati Gadad has seven beautiful caves at the place.
Trek grade is easy and endurance is not much needed during monsoon. Ganpati Gadad caves are beautiful during monsoon with many small waterfalls that fall over them forming a white curtain over the caves.And Stay in Caves is one of the best thing as we never stay such in Modern World
There are many treks available nearby Naneghat Trek, Gorakhgad Trek, Dhakoba Fort Trek, Gorakhgad Fort trek.

Checkout our One day trek to Ganpati Gadad 

1 Night 1 Day Available on request
  • Caves
  • Beautiful Ghats
  • Cisterns
  • Easy trek
  • Stay in caves

Ganpati Gadad Itinerary
We are Catching 11.40 am Fast Train to Kalyan.
Train Timing
11.42 am CSMT
11.55 am Dadar
12.02 pm Kurla
12.23 pm Thane
12.56 pm Kalyan

Day 1
- Meet at Kalyan station by 1 pm and move to Ganpati Gadad base village
- Reach base village of Ganpati gadad by approx 3.30 pm
- Introduction Round
- Trek start by 4 pm to Ganpati Gadad
- Reach caves by approx 6 pm
- Enjoy stay at night in caves
- Dinner & fun games

Day 2
- Wakeup & Have Break fast
- Start Descending by 9:00 am
- Reach base by 11:00 am
- Reach Kalyan Sation by 1 pm
(All the timings mentioned above are tentative)


What is included in the tour

  • Dinner Veg/NonVeg
  • Breakfast in the morning
  • Private transport (Kalyan to Kalyan)
  • Expertise and guide Charges

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Travel till Kalyan
  • Anything not covered under Inclusion
  • Water / Beverages
  • Any other meals during travel
  • Charges occurred during unexpected conditions