Seccret Waterfall" is a term that could refer to various waterfalls around the world that are either lesser-known or secluded, often hidden within forests or mountains. Without specific information about which waterfall you're referring to, I can provide a general overview of what you might expect from such destinations.

  1. Seclusion: Secret waterfalls are typically off the beaten path, requiring some effort to reach. They might involve hiking through dense forests, traversing rugged terrain, or even seeking guidance from locals who know the area well.

  2. Natural Beauty: These waterfalls often offer pristine natural surroundings. Surrounded by lush vegetation, they can provide a picturesque backdrop for nature lovers and photographers alike.

  3. Serene Atmosphere: Because tourists less frequent them, secret waterfalls tend to offer a more tranquil and peaceful experience. Visitors can often enjoy the sound of cascading water without the crowds commonly found at more popular tourist spots.

  4. Adventure: Exploring secret waterfalls can be an adventure in itself. The journey to reach these hidden gems may involve a sense of exploration and discovery, adding to the allure of the experience.

  5. Ecological Importance: Many secret waterfalls are located within protected areas, contributing to the conservation of biodiversity. Visitors may have the opportunity to observe unique flora and fauna along the way.

  6. Safety Considerations: It's important to note that accessing secret waterfalls may involve risks such as slippery terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, and the absence of facilities or emergency services. Visitors should take necessary precautions, including informing someone about their plans and being adequately prepared with appropriate gear and supplies.

Overall, seeking out secret waterfalls can be a rewarding experience for those who appreciate nature's beauty and are willing to venture off the typical tourist routes in search of hidden treasures.

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14 Hours 28 Apr
  • Life jacket 
  • Secret Waterfall Location
  • Less crowded Trek

Direct to Location:- 999/-
By Travel:- 1499/-
Secret Trek and Water Pool Jumping

Secret Location and Trek with Cliff Jumping
06:00 am
Meeting Point: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East (Mumbai) and leave for Secret Trek by AC
06:15 am Get set go! We start heading towards our spot.
Pick Up Points:- 
06.40 am
 Sion Lunch Home, Sion.
09:00 am We reach the base. Refresh Up. Snacks Up (Get Up. Stretch Up.
Brief Up, now let’s go (Fresh & Hot veg Breakfast will be offered)
09:30 am After a trek of 01 hours 30 minutes, we reach the hidden forest
stream spot, located deep inside the jungle
12:00 pm Back to the base village.
02:30 pm We reach the base.
03:30 pm Hot & Fresh homemade Veg Lunch by a local villager
04:00 pm Post lunch relax and Board the bus
04:30 pm Start heading towards Mumbai
09:00 pm We reach Borivali tentatively

FAQ For Secret Trek and Jumping
Where is this place?

Location is secret and Experience yourself 
Those coming directly to the location need to pay the full amount in Advance 

Who can join us for the trek?
All those who are fit and fine can join for the trek 
Please keep in mind you need to wear life jacket which is compulsory while Cliff Jumping

Life Jacket is Compulsory?
Yes, your safety is our priorities so do wear while you take a cliff Jump, Enjoy Jump in water 


What is included in the tour

  • Ac Bus Travel From Mumbai
  •  Food Veg( Breakfast, Lunch) 
  • Group trek leaders, Limited Life jackets on a rotational basis.
  • Trek Expertise.
  • Entrance Charges (If Any)

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Any personal expenses such as Mineral water, Juice, etc for
  • personal consumptions.
  • Anything other than the above-mentioned inclusion.
  • Any unforeseen expense/medical emergency.
Things to carry
• Full Body cloths (Compulsory) • ID Card (Compulsory) • Head torch or normal torch with extra batteries (Compulsory) (please avoid using mobile flash light) • Good sport shoes with excellent grip (Compulsory) • 3 litres water ( highly recommended) • Excellent Binoculars (if possible) • Camera/GO Pro (Optional) with extra batteries • Power bank (Mandatory) • Eye mask, neck rest (Suggested) • Snacks, biscuits. Energy drink, ORS (Strongly suggested) • Extra Pair of Clothes • Clean napkin or small towel • Haversack or Backpack (No sling bags) • Please carry medicinesif you need any • Hand Sanitizer
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